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Hello contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?as we go to parte 34of our soap wyth only 16episodes to go but first we go back through tyme to 12th century London to meet Thomas Becket

August 7, 2021

as my husband said to Robert oh you’re incharge as my wife and I and Jack our returning to 12th century tyme as Jack said oh we must hurry thee lamp won’t wait as we Ruch and just in tyme as we fade back in tyme to Cheapside in London to meet Thomas Becket he was born in London on December 21st 1118 and he became a archdeacon and lord chancellor of Cantaberry cathedral Thomas is a saint now and sadly at only 50years olde he was assinated on 21st December 1170 and here’s his ghost we would lyke to thank Thomas for letting us take his pic

as in thee sprit world they only come to earth once in a blue moon

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