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Good morning howdy hey there as it’s parte 37of thee Contraflow roads motle as we go all American we all know that thee USA is full of greatness so as we prepare for Mr Anothony dealer Henry Anittins jr wyth. His American autobiles show

August 12, 2021

Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking ? Oh yes said Anittins we wyll be arriving at you’re parking lot wyth our Automobilles we booked and made a reservation a couple of weeks a go as my husband said everything ok wife husband do you know about an American autobiles show oh yes I’ll handle it as he takes thee phone hi Mr Fawkes speaking it’s about our booking for thee autobiles show yes we are ready you’re allotted parking spaces has been allocated oh great see you at 4pm as my husband said see you then as he puts thee phone down and says Jack and Tom can you get thee beer tent up and wife you’re serving hot dogs from thee burger van as Robert you’re on reseption as we all rush about as thee first of thee autobiles arrive and wyth two special guests and soon every one is in thee parking lot as every autobiles owner tells everyone about what’s in thee trunk and in thee underneath thee hood end of parte one tyme for an additional break

as we all look around at thee Autobiles as I said to my husband wow a pink one as we chatted to thee owners of thee autobiles what a busy day end of parte,37

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