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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?,it’s parte 38 as we get ready for Mr Harry I’ve a big one and his team from spurts enterprises hold there annual balloon fair .

August 15, 2021

good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you as Mr IV a bigg one says hello Mrs Fawkes we will be flying in to you’re autobiles car lot at 255pm just in tyme for tea as thee clock strikes three and we was wondering if you could do thee catering just a few cucumber sandwiches and beverages and cake would be great is that ok ? Yes we can do that as my husband says everything ok my lass ? Ok see you 255pm then as I explained to my husband it’s balloon fair day .oh yes we better get thee kerocine and gasoline pumps filled up .Jack do you remember back in September how much file is in thee tanks about 6Galloons and I flaggon in each ok reet then we better go and see Tom you’re on reseption inquiries desk Robert can you go on main reseption as Mrs Fawkes has to go and prepare thee food .and talking of food I could eat a horse .sport husband horses for cources are off this week as we don’t lyke to nag but eggtsand chips ok as my husband and Jack follow me into thee motle kitchens as Jack puts more logs on thee fyre how many eggts do you want husband 6wyll do and you Jack I’ll have 7 beloved as thee butter heats as thee chips are frying and soon thee tea is made as we sit

end of parte one let’s take a advert break parte two as we soon get up and start as my husband and Jack kiss me and say have a great day now as soon all is ready as we go out side as thee balloons arrive and they take thee food and beverage and we go for a flight over Yorke as thee city looks so small from that way up yonder in sky and soon we are back on territhermera thee ground as we wave them a good bye as they fly away as we go back in thee phone rings end of parte 38

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