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So let’s look at tyme as you know that beeing married to a ghost tyme travel is possible but dangerous and our lamp wych in its many forms is very capable of making it happen as you may know that we are mainly made of watter blood and matter we born of thee earth and when we die we returned to how it all started but it’s our spirit that lyfes on our body’s are in tyme wear out and in away we become something or someone else as our lyfes learning curve as we lyfe one lyfe to another

August 18, 2021

In these pics we show you how we can go from one dimension of tyme to another as our lamp appears we only have a few seconds to go back in that tyme take for instance 1605 tyme here we are in underneath thee houses of parliament as it was back then or in Islington London but sometimes it don’t always go to plan but we always get there in thee end as for our lamp it’s a very powerful trainsmitter that how we and our pics you see are formed

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