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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?it’s parte 2of number 39 as this one is one of thee most hardest one to do as to get everyone on earth at thee same tyme so let’s return to may be just maybe primed minester

August 19, 2021

Hello contaflow motel can I help you as Mr Topping says do you know they are filming thee government meeting and it’s on TV now .ok thanks for letting us know Mr Topping wyth two ps .as my husband said switch thee TV on as tthee valves warm up as thee pic appears as we go to thee office dragon porcha who is Harding thee five line party whips as last tyme some one eat thee other ones as Mr trainer not to be sniffed at and and Mr footsy Mr c slicker Mr a fullwoode and Mr very hands on thee naked civil servants .listen to thee prime minister address to thee house but early Mr platform and Mr Blighty discuss thee new sex tax bill as Mr platform said wouldn’t it be difficult to apply and would thee British public stand for it as Mr Blighty said stand up for it sitdowne for it who cares as long as we get thee revenue in after all thee government coffers has a whole in it and let’s face it no one wouldn’t denie that they hadn’t had it thee how’s you’re dad now would they as Mr platform said maybe just maybe minester .as thee prime minister chief whip explains we have thought of every possibly wyth thee new sex tax said whip quangos rather than on thee job fines they wyll get a subscription card it’s so simple and they can pay by direct debit as we make them fill an on line assessment for weekly output and how long be fore we privatised it as Mr platform said well you have privatised everything else as Mr oodles said well not quite we haven’t done air yet as Mr platform said yes may be just maybe minester so let’s go to thee house end of parte 39

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  1. August 19, 2021 11:05 am

    yes, privatising the air probably only a matter of time….

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