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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? As it’s parte 40 as we go back to thee 15th century Engaland

August 20, 2021

as we start another day in our yorksher motle in Yorke as Jack said to ones husband oh are we still going back in tyme for ideas for our Christmas edition and where as my husband said that’s reet. lad thus be as he said missuss you’ll need to wrap up well as it wyll be cold there even in thous few minutes of beeing there ! Ok I’ve got my wooly ones on husband as my husband said Daniel you’re on inquiries desk Robert you’re in charge and when we return we got a party of six from London for supper and over night stay called thee who ray Henry’s ok yar so can you make sure farmer Paul brings extra milk and then get Robert to get some gasoline for thee barbique ? As Robert said will do boss as thee m lamps of tyme is outside quick said christopher tis be tyme to go as we hold on to thee lamps as we start to dissapear it’s lyke having some one tickeld you’re whole body and soon we appear in this wintour wonderland of strange critters lyke mammoths and as thee polor bears play and walk on thee snow then we see moose by thee olde castle and a bear in thee woods in 15th century yorksher and woolfs as they cry Woolf to their fellow woolves ah ah then finally we see a big dragon as it’s needy eyes look around and around and then my husband said it’s tyme to return to thee Contraflow roads motle as thee lamps appears we are back

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