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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you extra scene parte 40 parte two as thee Howrah Henry’s come to stay at our motle and meet Binky and pongo so let’s return ok yar .

August 21, 2021

Hullo Contraflow roads motle can I help you Jack speaking ? Oh hello olde bean it’s Henry here just to say our party wyll be coming up from thee smoky city where us lads are very rich and pretty at 3pm tyme of arrival is that ok ? See you then said Jack .oh how charmed I’m sure so such a hoot bye said Jack .as christopher and my husband and I go to thee main reception desk as Jack said don’t forget we got thee party from London at when thee clock strikes three everything stops for tea .ok said my husband thanks jack anything else ? That’s all as Jack said to me you are going to give me breakfast and a cuddle as my husband said yes Jack you can go to thee refectory for breakfast Tom you’re on reseption inquiries desk as my husband and I and Jack go and start breakfast as my husband puts some more logs on thee fyre it soon blazes away as wyth plates piled high wyth eggts and bacon and bred and and chips as husband said men’s food a good fry up set men up till lunch tyme .as my husband said Jack we got ye Yorke bar to set up and how much ale and mead and wine we have in stock ? Well we have 12 barrels of ale but only four of mead and three quartes of wine red .as my husband said that wyll do and wife we wyll need pies and a few rolls and bran bred say about 56wyll be enough Robert and wife you can help wyth thee decorations as my husband and Jack and Christopher leave thee table and give me a kiss each my husband said tyme for work missuss a man has to do what a man has to do end of parte two of 40 as Jack said I’ll see you’re pussy was looking in thee looking glass again as said well really Jack you naughty boy

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