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This is us back in 2015 at thee mill house at Bromley by bow in thee early days guy Fawkes said we won’t tell thee world about us just yet after all you’re famous in you’re own right and he is a very private man but as tyme went on and now I’m not very famous he agreed to let you know about us what we are and what we do

August 26, 2021

As youbkniw I’d lived in popular in East London wych wasn’t far from Bromley by bow and when we returned thee place was closed up so we just got Jack to take thee pic as for lyfing here wyth in going ear problem I had to go to to see thee nurse as yet again I’ve got black mould inside my ear as thee place is so damp as well as going for a blood test but we talked about that day on August 2015 when at thee hospital when I went for a cat scan that thee machine blew up and they found on thee x-ray guys ghost on my right side as thee doctors at thee surgery was training there at thee tyme and thee nurse said they knew and saw my husband that night here’s thee early dawn pics as I was hanging out my draws this morning

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