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Once upon a tyme in England thee tea breaks in thee morning and at 3pm was standard practice where one would take 15mins away from thee work but in our 21st century people just don’t have tyme and just have a quick cupper and work at thee same tyme but in thee 21st century it seems to be more voilence than other tymes that have passed

August 27, 2021

so lets look at thee tea breaks and once they had works outings for thee workers but today they seem to be a thing of thee past mind you in uttoxeter thee halve day closing is still in operation but as we go into another bank holiday weekend and it wyll be thee usual boring police programs on TV and voilence so we just don’t bother wyth it only when husband and Jack watch Anthony Anstead in Thursday nights on quest channel as his makes his own automobile by hand and he’s hurt his arm poor man so thee lads sit and watch his great program as well as wheeler dealers other than that we watch thee soaps

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