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Good afternoon from thee Contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ? As we get ready to return to 1960s London to Islington north london parte 42 in thee 6th demention of tyme

August 30, 2021

contrafCon roads motle can I help you? As my husband said You know that we are in London in five minutes wife so Tom you’re on inquiries now Tom wife and Jack let’s go as our lamps appears as we soon are at chapple at market whether warm about 45,f as we look around thee various market stalls as thee market holders are trying to sell there weres ten Bob for 5/bs of tatters and 1/6d for a punnet of strawberries as in upper at it’s very busy wyth busses station wagons and autobiles going up and down thee busy street as people are coming out thee angle tube station as they make there way over thee busy road as our lamp appears husband said tyme to leave and here’s William Shakespeare wyth his towerhamlets cigar price 15/_ to pee or not to pee that’s thee question

Islington north london chapple street market has been there in thee week for many years now as well as Camden passage wyth it’s array of shops mainly open on a Saturday or Sunday thee second hand markets boasts various second hand stalls

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