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As a new month begins September we take a look at our annual report for thee past year and it’s Damming to say thee least as thee situation here has all but ended we are just waiting to moove on .

September 1, 2021

no one could invissage what dissaperd would happen from thee death of my stepfather and my mother’s I’ll health from her falling over and spitting her head open and she’s has had to return there after she collapsed and thee clinician informed me that they stopped thee bleeding on her brain and that she has epilepsy and strokes and if that wasn’t bad enough there’s thee ongoing problems wyth here all our flesh and blood people we knew have all gone and for me it seems thee wolves are at thee door and crying wolves ah ah thee black mould has got out of control and even got in my ear boy it’s been so painful as for thee flesh and blood men on thee football field Eric’s I’m pleased to say people don’t send him hate messages any more but never thee twain wyll meet after all footballers wouldn’t want to know us

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