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Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking?it’s parte 44of our soap as we leave you’re 21st century tyme and go lyfe to London on sun21st June 2015 as this is parte one of two so as my husband said robin hood wyll be joining christopher and Jack tom and I and my husband so it’s 655am in Stafford shire tyme as we now go back thee lyghts of tyme wyll be sending thee pics plus any words tyme to return to thee London years.

September 2, 2021

come on wife are you ready ?yes husband as we leave shitty Stafford shire and here we are in columbia road in Beth all green husband it’s not very warm is it as Jack said as we look around thee flower stalls at thee array of cut roooses and house plants wych their sent fills thee air as Jack said it’s a bit cloudy but about 71f as we go into thee shops as my husband said let’s have some tea and cakes what you want as my husband said got you’re purse wife yes as I still had a olde ten pound note wych I kept to change in thee bank when they changed to thee rubber ones as my husband orders what we want and then we sit down and watch thee people milling by wyth their arms full of flowers we soon finesh our beverages as we refresh our selves as we leave and continue our walk down thee busy market at and then it was tyme to leave as Robin said bloody hell how things thus have changed over the years and soon we was walking down to thee brick lane market as my husband said we have to be careful as you could bump into you’re former self as we go to thee market stalls as Aurther and Dennis and Danny was there as they allways was wyth there second hand stalls quick said christopher brick lane now as we rushed along thee street and soon we was in sclater street out side what was Paul’s white chair shop as silly and Keith wyth there secind hand book and brick a brack stall was busy and there was Darren Paul’s brother as my husband said they at this moment of universe tyme can’t see you it’s tyme for us to leave as we now are at spittle fields market as husband said hold my and jack’s hand quick as thee lamp appears we have to leave now end of live parte one next tyme we wyll return to eastern London

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