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As we look back at our early vists to london 1605 that went to become our calendar one of ten different tymes from 1585 to 1605 so let’s return to London 1605 .

September 5, 2021

in thee early days of our vists through tyme from thee 2nd to thee 12th demention it used to be olde father tyme his self that used to officiate when we could go but only for short tyme but as he’s a very busy man it was decided that by thee sprit world that if and when it was available we could use thee lamp of tyme untill our story was completed and that way we could spend more tyme away but lyke everything else thee lamp only appears on earth rarely so we have to make thee most of thee tyme we have left but in thee same token it gives you thee readers and you at see at first sight what is ghosts look lyke and how on thee earth plain how we present our selves and for me to once again relive a past lives and experience what had gone before from thee overcrowded spittle fields to what is deemed to day as west central London or Londinuim if you lyke from pudding lane wyth it’s freshly made bred to thee city streets wyth rubbish that was throun through thee overhang winders to animals that strun thee dirty smelly streets wyth dwellings that creeked as you walk underneath to when thee wynd that would whistle it’s its way through thee streets as it blows thee rubbish to one parte of thee street to another wyth men wyth hand cartes looking all crubby and busy and to hear swareing and babes crying and thee smell of wood smoke and food cooking as well as washing across thee streets as it lyke you can walk from one dwelling to another as they are crambed together and thee toffts in thee coffee houses wyth their olde been coffee and pipes as they puff away lyke a steam engine thanks to all thee ghosts that came to be in our early pics Tom christopher and Jack and my husband and I

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