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As we take a look back through thee mists of tyme to our vists to london 1605 to Aprill of that year

September 6, 2021

Tyme travel as we once again we show you how things are and was back before thee great fyre but as people in thous days was in over crowded dwellings and mainly poor wyth thee busy London streets smelt of rotten vegitables and what ever was thrown out of winders it was a case of eat or heat as money was short if you think about it noubt much hasn’t changed has it ? But on thee busserling London docks if tif thee men was early enough they could be payed a few pennies for a days work as they wore their stuff leather hats on their heads so they could carry things on them as they oft loaded from thee tall sailing ships that would jossle for posstion in thee docks and at tymes they would be so many thee men dockers would walk wyth cargo to another thee work was hot swetty and noisey so what was in thee shops you may well ask well sugar at 5/_ or I crown a block and ale wych was I grout a flaggon 5pints today jelly’s sweets and jelly’s you could make them wyth green custarde in thee many pubs in London it was a male domain lyke thee many coffee houses but us wimmin could go in to have lunch it is bred and cheese but venison custarde Tarte and snowe pudding was on thee menu as well as Ale and mead from honey ! And this is a pic we did of nibble bred but when we did it back in August 2021 you’re tyme but as thee pic was taken by thee lamp of tyme it’s got thee date 1st Jan 1970 so there you go tyme

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