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as we know that some people can be really nasty in thee 21st century and when I wyshed Eric D well for his next football game on our new Twitter site wysh we closed I got more than I bargained for

September 8, 2021

as you wyll see how people can be extremely cruel and as you know that on his site he’s had more than his fair share of hate messages but in some of thee message I got as you wyll see also some said he hated hates me and I sent a message to him about this but didn’t get any response so perhaps what they said was Wright so I think it’s best never to contact him again you try you’re best to make new readers and friends on these sites but we won’t be bothering again but don’t forget it’s thee Engaland football game tonite we wysh king Harry Kane and Engaland football players a win kick off at 715 pm on ITV here’s some of thee message I got oh by thee way don’t forget on Thursday it’s ant Anstead as he makes his own automobile program on quest at 10pm our soap wyll be back in Oct

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  1. Susan permalink
    September 8, 2021 12:13 pm

    Social media has much to answer for; such cruelty and crassness seems to be the sole reason some people participate. For us here in America, it has fueled perfectly ludicrous lies about the lifesaving Covid vaccine that should, by now, have begun to control and diminish the spread of this disease. Social media fueled anti-vaccination and anti-mask fervor are quite literally costing people their lives.

    You have your very creative blog, and people who follow it everyday. Please don’t take to heart the blurts of these dreadful people. Just carry on doing what you so obviously enjoy, remembering others enjoy it too.

    • September 8, 2021 12:30 pm

      Hi thanks for your message and kind words we are glad you lyke our blog I must admit I was very dissapointing when Eric didn’t reply after I thought he was a friend oh dear about thee covid in thee USA what you have to remember is that government rules by fear to make sure we toe thee line we are bombarded by images of what is expected of us and how they want us to behave but on our blog as we use no provider we can put how we see things are in thee 21st century tyme thee problems are most people put on their public presonier but in some cases it’s what they want you to believe in our case what you see is what we are Walt’s and all are pics come as they are we have no computer have a great day from all of us

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