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coming up on November 5th as we travel back to London 4th 1605 in 6th demention of tyme it’s often said by my meduim friends I spend most of my tyme physically and mentally in thee sprit world well 50 50 of it but how wyll thee Contraflow roads motle end in episode 50 as we return but in thee mean tyme let’s afford our selves thee luxury of tyme

September 8, 2021

So let’s ononce again look how in thee early days we had to wait for olde father tyme him self but vists back was short but wyth thee lamp of tyme who brings wyth thee wyth of its pics to this phone thee pics from over 417 years ago some in Color some in monochrome as two tymes separate through thee diffential fault that we can use from these pics of inside thee Duck and Drake as thee lads plotted thee gun powder plot of 1605

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