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good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Robert speaking it’s parte 45 as we meet thee toffee nosed club in their flying machines oh watto watto it’s chocks away olde bean jolly good show wyth their flags of blue as they show you their party colours so let’s return to our motle

September 8, 2021

Good morning Contraflow roads motle can I help you Robert speaking? As Mr rascal says oh hullo it’s onone from thee toffee nosed mile and two links club just to inform one our members wyll be giving a fly past in our aircraft before we land our planes for thee annual show oh watto watto watto oh as Robert says we all ready oh jolly good show tally hoe one must go to get thee flying outfit on see one at three when thee clock strikes three everything stops for tea as he puts thee telephone down as my husband said Robert who’s was that ? Tis ye be Mr rascal oh yes as he said to Jack is 7acer field ready as we need 77 chains which is 78 yards of runway so thee toffee nosed club can land on it as christopher said they call that an apron as I said well there not using mine I only got thee one wyth flowers on it .as Jack and my husband laughed .as Jack and my husband go to thee 7acer field as I go to thee kitchen to prepare some snacks and pasties and I go and see how husband and Jack are doing as my husband said that should be enough room and we got thee tower over there to guide thee planes in as we hear thee engine noise as we look up to thee heavens as they fly there machines wyth blue and yellow and white and green smoke as they soon land to show there planes as Mr rascal said I call mine serendipity olde been and after a few mins they was oft chicken away tally hoe as we wave them good bye as night was coming

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