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today in our very violent world we live in as we see it on our television sets they even make programs about it as well in our daily lives we see and read about thee acts what bad people get up to but what about how offenders was dealt wyth

September 16, 2021

in 1604 if you went up before thee beak for serious crime you could be expected to be hung or boiled in acid or put in thee stocks wyth people throwing rotten food at you or you could be put on a ducking stool and put into thee river Floss in Yorkshire for really bad offenders it was thee death sentence or burning at thee steak but they always asked how would you lyke you’re steak wyth venison pie and custarde so let’s return to Yorkshire in 1604 as Mr cad goes up before thee beak to be given his sentence of fate but all so in 1604 you could be flogged or horse whipped or even beheaded by hand or in France it was madam legilloteen

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