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Over a couple of years now we did a few spurs football club a few good luck messages either to wysh king Harry Kane and sex bomb Eric Dire a happy Halloween or Christmas ones but back in thee summer king Harry was in lyne thanking every one for their gifts and letters and cards as they had a excerbition of them sadly I and we never got a message so we decided that this year’s Christmas greetings wyll be our last one to them

September 20, 2021

it was one of thee hardest cards to make and film but wyth snowmen and trees falling about as thee snow stopped falling and thee lights on thee trees as they went out and trying to get them working again was a monumental task but here it is over here in England on our TV screens thee Christmas ads have ready appeard but it don’t really feel a lot lyke Christmas yet any way soon be Halloween must get my broomstick out or I could use my new one thee Eric modle 15 /1605

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