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as you know that in Stafford shire thee internet connection is very bad and TV pics are snowy to say thee least so on our mobile fone what can we get well we can only limited Access to thee internet

September 22, 2021

when you have a computer wyth broadband internet connection it’s easy but we don’t so thee pics you see are trainmitted via our lamp but it’s not on earth so you may find thee pics aren’t very clear but my husband said it will return to this dementation of tyme again for it’s last two visits to our world to take us back to London 1605 and this tyme it wyll beam thee pics to our TV set even thou in 1605 inforredd light is thee strongest form of light in that tyme and wyth thee signatures we left behind there our lamp can send us back to that point in tyme as one can see on our TV thee pics are snowy

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