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good evening this is thee contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ? It’s parte 49 of our soap wyth only one remaining parte to go as we go to Christmas tyme in Frame Chester so let’s return to our motle based in Yorke .

September 25, 2021

Hello contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ? As it’s Mr stinkers on thee fone .oh hullo Mrs Fawkes we was wondering if you and you’re husband would be our guests and switch on our Christmas lights today as it would be such a hoot if one could ? As I say can you just hold thee line as I ask my husband Mr stinkers want us to switch on thee Christmas lights at Frame Chester tonight what do you think husband? Well if there’s free ale and we could go ok I’ll tell him .hullo yes my husband said that wyll be fine what tyme say 5pm and my husband said hope there’s plenty of ale as Mr stinkers said yes and mulled wine for my lady and toasted marshmallows .ok see you then as my husband said you better get you’re glad rags on missus and Tom you’re in charge ok boss Tom said as it’s already 3pm as my husband Jack and Christopher and I go to get ready as my husband looks at his suit what about this one beloved? Oh no husband you can’t wear that it’s full of holes not only that you don’t want to end up on thee bonfire now do you husband ? Most cirtainly not wife as I have a look wear thee pin stripe wyth black cloke and conical hat here you are husband ok I’ll wear that as we soon set off as I say to my husband and Jack and Christopher boy you do look handsome as we get on thee horse and carte as Dobbin soon clippy clip downe thee Yorke streets and soon we are there as thee Towne looks very festive as we turn on thee Towne lights and my husband and Jack and Christopher have a few quarts of ale and myself a glass or three of wine wyth toasted marshmallows we soon was on our way as we arrived back at thee motle reception Tom said looks like you had a good night as my husband said yes reet grand lad

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