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a rainy day in thee uttoxeter twilight zone Godne mek Gretungpord as wyth discuss about how can we can get Henry 8ths ghost to take thee pics from our TV so when we return to do our Ifian whych means live londinuim show coming soon we hope to show you a glimpse of a day in 1605 wyth thee aid of our tyme machine lamp

September 30, 2021

so lets look at thee hear and now on this rainy day in thee uttoxeter twilight zone we see 007 in thee news but now they wyll be looking for a new 007 so why don’t they ask Anothony Anstead he would be thee best one they would ever had not only is he great wyth automobiles and did you see him making his own sports racing automobile wow he’s a genius he’s young handsome and fit but just don’t take my word for it you figure it out and talking of Anothony Anstead next Thursday 7th October he’s back at wheeler dealers on quest channel 12 at 8pm my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom sit there as this truly amazing man shows and tells on how to repair thee automobiles and horses power mind you we haven’t seen any horses yet perhaps they are horseing about he’s on at 8pm don’t forget to watch now so come on you guys

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  1. September 30, 2021 2:36 pm

    great picture of the Uttoxeter twilight. Conveys a lot!

  2. September 30, 2021 5:53 pm

    that is really too bad and I’m sorry. I do think you need ideally to be somewhere more used to and accepting of difference which probably limits you to an inner city area in London or Manchester but these are exactly the places where they are only too glad to pass on council tenants to somewhere else if they possibly can. Also they are places where you too have to accept lots of different people, of different races and styles of life. I wonder what that wise husband of yours would advise!

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