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in 1605 even thou bakers didn’t officially exist they baked there bred from home or had pop up shops they even roosted pigs in thee streets in 1603 thee kids would sing this ryme called thee leo and thou glosbe in today’s English it means thee lion and thee unicorn

October 2, 2021

Once upon a tyme thee lion and ye unicorn was fighting ye crowne thee lion beat ye unicorn all around ye Towne some gave them brown bred and some gave them white and some even gave them a fright some gave them plumb cake And some drummed them out of Towne some wanted to give them a mighty bloive but some knew but others didn’t know to see how far they would go as thee lion and thee unicorn danced merrily around thee Towne not knowing what they and could expect for what deeds they did as for revenge that they would be payed back wyth a mighty bloive when they came back to Towne and it would turn their smiles upside downe londinuim 1605 end of parte one of this Ifian edition pics from thee lamp of tyme .

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