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thee Gunpowder plotte of 1605

October 2, 2021

its was to be thee most memorable parties of thee 16th century tyme but what you don’t know that thee origins of black powder was found back in thee 13th century when a Chinese chemist found it By chance it was also know as serpentine thee five main components of making gun powder my husband could make his own and learnt in Flanders how to make it and thee aid of a slow train Could give thee right tyme to set thee fuse for thee perfect bloive in fact even thou gunpowder in 1604 was ready available at a cost after thee Spanish war ended in 1604 Jack kit Wright and Christopher put some money as well as Robert Castesby for thee barrels of gunpowder but some was made to my husband recipe as 36barrels was needed so let’s return to our program a first for a tyme lamp to be able to trainsmit thee pics of 421 years ago but in thee same token is now quite a attivement don’t you think ?? And I must admit to see ones self on thee television what can I say as my husband can do thee yapping ercon this lass ye does look grand lass so there you go

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