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so let’s return to Londinuim in thee 5th dementation of tyme as you know on 4th November my husband was found in thee vault of thee house’s of parliament by little Jimmy’s army Gard’s and he was sent to thee tower of London when word got to Robert Castesby he and Jack and Christopher kit Wright and Robert wintour and Thomas Percy rode allong wyth Ambrose Rookwood to thee Midlands Catholics to ask for help but even thou he tried to get them on side they wasn’t having none of it as they drew swords and said thee passion of Christ as they found them selves in Stafford shire to Holbeck house wych had not long been built in 1599 they went in and made camp for thee night and as they tried to dry thee gun powder two Robert wintour and Ambrose Rookwood was blinded as daylight came they looked out of winder and thee place was surrounded by little Jimmy’s army who bombarded thee manor House wyth musket rounds and set fyre to it wyth flames all around Robert Castesby gave thee order to go outside and shoot Jack and Christopher kit Wright beeing excellent swords men and handy wyth thee rifles at 1159 am went to thee call to arms Jack shot 12 of Jimmy’s army but sadly got killed and poor Robert Castesby took a bullet in his chest as he went in wyth holding his cross died on thee floor inside thee army broke in stole their possessions and took thee others as prisoners to thee tower of London as we returned to 1605 here’s what we saw

October 4, 2021
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