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as we returned to Londinuim in 1605 on 16 the April at our home in Yorke we and Christopher and Jack also came up from londinuim it was a four days ride from Yorke to London but thee lads wanted to see our son Tom who was 7monthes then and already he was growing at a fast rate as my husband said when thee job I’m doing in londinuim comes to an end I can devote my tyme to you and our big family that ye and me wyll have loved .as Jack who was God father to Tom laughed so let’s return to Londinuim in thee 5th dementation of tyme

October 5, 2021
as my husband said lads we wyll have 12 sons to follow in my footsteps as I said yes husband and then thee very next day guys birthday we set off for London and I stayed a few months so let's look at thee  bred shops that in londinuim appeard from tyme to tyme as we made our bred at home or thee miller would make and bake bred to sell on thee streets but very occasionally you would see  bred shops that would be their one day and gone thee next it's a bit lyke pigs would be roosted on a spit on thee street as people gathered around once it was roosted they would cut and sell thee meat and then be on their way wyth just thee supports in their hands that was untill thee chimney tax came in in 1662 and then thee winder tax came in 1696 so a lot of people found it to dear to make their own and by that tyme thee bakers shop was born and bred became a standard set price so let's return to Londinuim 1605 in thee 5th dementation of tyme
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  1. October 5, 2021 9:45 am

    nice pics – I’d love a taste of that bread, can almost smell it.

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