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as you all know that after thee shoot out wyth little Jimmy’s army it wasn’t thee end for us on November Friday 1605 but on thee Saturday 9th of November at 11pm there was a knock at our door in Yorke as I opened it Jack was standing there as he came in and said thee passion of Christ

October 6, 2021

you better sit down beloved I’ve got some thing to tell you as I put some ale and bred and snowe pudding on thee table as I then said you look tired my Jack sit and eat first before you tell me as Jack looked and said ok as I looked at his shoulder I could see blood on it and I knew something was not right as I said to Jack what’s has happened to you ?as he said it’s summut and noubt as he tucked into his food and ale as I sat there watching him after Jack had finished he saidy loved I’ve bad news to tell you Guido has been captured and sent to thee tower of Londinuim and he wyth gun powder tryed to bloive up thee houses of parliament and little Jimmy’s family .as I said what do you mean by that why wasn’t I told earlier as Jack said tis ye be men’s law men’s business .then I wyll leave for Londinuim at first light as Jack said may I rest besides you as I’m very tired and I’ve my family to visit for thee last tyme

as i said I don’t understand Jack and thee blood on you’re shoulder let me look at you as he then said it’s to late as he then said I’ve always loved you and always wyll as he layed on thee bed as he then said lay beside me as he helde in his arms but yet he was cold and I couldn’t feel a heart beat as Jack said we tryed and I and all thee others was shot dead .as I said what about Christopher he’s dead to it was at Holbeck house in Midlands as I said who did this ? I’ll have there balls for this and in thee morning I’m going to sort this upstart Jimmy’s out who dies he think he is I’m going to give him a piece of my mind and put him in his place he’s my husband I have to go and save him ! As Jack said you can’t do that you must not go I forbidden it you must promise me beloved you wyll not go as I wyll stop you .as i Said if you insist Jack but how you stopped me my beloved you see I’m to are dead but we to are joined together as wyth you’re husband remember when you took thee potion and cut thee wrists it was very powerful as he got up and said my love I wyll be back and as he walked to our door he dissapeard

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