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so let’s return to Yorke on Tuesday 13th April 1604 as Jack took my husband to thee place where they did archary contest along wyth Christopher kit Wright as it was my husband’s birthday I had to secretly arrange a suprise birthday party for him

October 7, 2021

it was a very busy day as I made and prepared a great feast fit for a king from venison and custarde Tarte to bred and snowe pudding to keep a secret from my husband was no easy task as our guests arrived Thomas wintour and Thomas Percy and Robert Castesby and Robert wintour it was getting dark as all thee candles was bloived out as my husband and Jack and Christopher came in as I lit a couple of candles and said happy birthday my husband thee look on his face of wonder and supprice as Tom lit thee rest of thee candles as my husband looked at thee table wyth all thee food I baked he said reet grand missus reet grand as Jack handed out thee ale and meed and wine

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  1. October 7, 2021 3:36 pm

    sounds a great meal but did it have any fruit or veg? Mind you they were quite hard to come by in those days before Waitrose deliveries etc etc….

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