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its always difficult to get our stories on our site wyth no carrier when thee lamp of tyme isn’t available on earth but let’s return to Monday 543 pm in 2nd and 11th dementation of tyme so let’s go to Monday 23rd of September 1605 thee confession of Robert Castesby as he tells father John Garard about thee gunpowder plot and how he and others members of thee passion of Christ going to bloive up little Jimmy’s houses of parliament on November 5th 1605 .

October 11, 2021

As you may well know that what ever confession you tell you’re holy father stays wyth thee father and thee person who confesses as it’s a seal between both parties not to devolve any thing that has trainsphired but when Robert Castesby told John Garard who was shocked at what he was told he then asked father Henry Garnet who was head of thee Jesuit priests in England in 1605 as they knew their hands was tied and sadly could say nothing here’s Robert Castesby as he and Jack and Christopher kit Wright tell their secret of what they intend to do on November 5th 1605

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