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so let’s have a look at thee uttoxeter twilight zone autumn fall pics as thee leaves start to fall as thee nights draw Inn on these traumatic tymes here

October 16, 2021

Uttoxeter is not a easy place to live and you never know who wyll make you’re life a missery wyth their back stabbing ways in thee shops they push in front and they don’t give a flying and then run you downe and everyone has gone for me wyth thee passing of traitor mark who bullied and lied and not had any intention of ever meeting again and all thee Tyme I found out after 8years that he had another woman living wyth him after he swore he lived on his own it was thee cash he wanted so shitty Stafford shire wyll always be tainted by him and all thee other bad events that has sadly happend here so you could say it’s us v them you would of thought as thee centuries has past got that wrong didn’t you thee thing is we haven’t on earth learnt any thing at all thee ironic thing is that people are still being disscrimationated against and hatred still sadly excisits in England in 2021 you could say it’s people’s intolerance or igrorance towards anything or anyone when all lives matter and everyone should be able to live their lives in harmony and peace

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