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so lets return to 9th of November 1605 as it was a terrible day

October 17, 2021

as me and our son Tom waited and waited for my husband to return as he was supposed to do on thee 5th of November as he promised for me I was getting worried and our son was crying and was playing up as he kept saying where’s father I want father where is he ?as wyth our belongings packed up as our tenicey was about to end in January 1606 and my husband had left enough house keeping untill then as I frantenly wonders what are we going to do and what’s happened to him ? All Tom did was cry as I tried to reassure him but it was in sadly vain then their was a knock at thee door and it was our Jack as when I saw him it was a sigh of relief as I opened it as I looked to see where my husband was but he was know where .as Tom wrapped his arms around Jack and said uncle Jack where’s father I miss my father ? As Jack said You’re man of thee house as father is not coming yet he’s busy as Tom said but father promised he would come I want my father now as he looked at us wyth tears in his eyes as Jack said untill then as you’re God father I’m in charge till you’re father returns as Tom then said uncle Jack wyll father come soon ? As Jack while I prepared his food and drink said to Tom we hope so for both you’re sakes .as he read a story to our son and put him to bed and kissed him good night as Jack eat his food and drank his ale and then he told me what had happened to my husband as i learnt about thee gunpowder plot and where my husband was but Jack said you can’t go to Londinuim I didn’t know what to think as Jack said hold me I’ve not got long I’ve family to see at dawn .as we held each other as Jack said I’ve always loved you but you know that and if things of been different but we have thee bond that wyth Guido we forged between us all that tyme ago as thee hours passed as thee candle burnt downe in its holder as Jack kissed me and said now word is out leave when you have to here’s a few angle coins to help you guy would want that as I looked at him he said beloved it’s tyme for me to leave but you wyll see me again when you’re tyme comes as I said you have blood on you and again I said let me clean and dress it for you as Tom slept in his cot he bent down to kiss him as I noticed Tom had a year running down his cheek as I said to Jack you wyll be backand yes I love you and Christopher to as I said where’s Christopher is he wyth family ? As Jack said in away yes but he’s dead .what do you mean Jack we all

are my beloved thee plot is over but you’re husband is in thee tower promise me you won’t go there and then Jack was gone

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  1. October 17, 2021 11:58 am

    you really bring that terrible time alive

    • October 17, 2021 12:21 pm

      Sadly yes and it’s my past lyfe and to relive it was hell on earth but it was our only chance to return to that fateful day but even thou it was 421 years ago for me it’s seems lyke it was only yesterday but as I’ve often been told you’re an very olde sprit you have lived loved and lost and even though they wondered about thee missing link well am it I’m thee link to thee past that’s why my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert Castesby and Robert wintour are all here wyth me right now

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