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as we all know to see you’re doctor is a impossibility but thee sixty four dallor question is how can they diagnose treat ment on thee end of a phone we all have to live with thee ongoing plauge so why is there doctor and thee dentist impossible to see you have more chance beeing struck by lightning bolt

October 18, 2021

it never seems to be a constant pain inmy back side thee 21st century if it’s not mother’s picking an argument and mine is never happier untill she’s making my life a living hell or people stabbing you in thee back for many years we used to go into thee local photo shop to get our pics brought to size as they came out to darken or big only to have people push in and then told some one had complained about me thee traitors that they are here after they said they now wyll charge £45 each pic they know what they can do wyth that and for us our pics wyll now end but we have enough till next year as for thee clinician good job I can see Dr death and coffin

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