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we ask thee question wyth only one reader now has our blog had its day as it’s our last year on doing it in 2022 after all ten years is a very long tyme but first as we take a look at my lyfe at contraflow roads motle but first where’s that Eric Hun ? Talking of flesh and blood men have you seen thee advert on TV about Armani men’s aftershave as he touches her hand in thee film room as they look into each others eyes a really hunk of a man he can touch my hand wyth his sexy beard best advert on TV but my husband and Jack don’t lyke aftershave

October 23, 2021

so lets return to my lyfe at contraflow roads motle or should I say our lyfes at contraflow roads motle for us to film in other tymes wyth our lamp and thee hardest parte was after making thee food weather it would stay to be filmed as thee lads quickly eat it and before them electricity people have put up our prepayment meater up so much but even thou no flesh and blood men wanted to know us you just can’t get thee staff these days thee problem is they don’t make flesh and blood men lyke they used to you figure it out so let’s take a look back at our soap wych we did for over 51 episodes just thee Christmas one for Christmas sadly it wyll never be on TV lyke all thee things we did but at least you know whom we are now ghosts rule ok ok ya and this is my Jack I said pic of my face Jack but he said men just lyke looking at you’re tits but as I said typical man just gets on you’re boobs but that’s men for ye

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  1. Susan permalink
    October 23, 2021 12:31 pm

    I very much enjoy your blog, especially the beautiful photographs; but I realize it must be a great deal of work and bother. It is understandable you might want to conclude it——but perhaps after a bit of a break, you would enjoy doing a different sort, something that makes use of your extensive knowledge of history, your photography, your fashion collections, or even your insight into the spirit world. But something a bit less time-intensive for you? Really, I don’t know how you manage producing a segment almost every day. Regardless of what you choose, I’m sure it will be very creative. Many thanks for all you’ve already done!

    • October 23, 2021 1:20 pm

      Hi thanks for your message yes it is very hard to do it but it’s very expensive wyth wordpress as we have to pay them but you’re thee only one that’s reads as well as roni we used to get a lot from America and Ireland but sadly they don’t want to read any more and thee press don’t want to know as for Eric D he runs spontas site wyth his friends and in fured that people on internet sites was borring said a lot for us don’t it

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