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so lets return to our tyme to Friday 12th January 1606 to thee moors of Yorkshire Tom funeral in 7th dementation of tyme ready

October 24, 2021

as we made thee preparations for our sons funeral as I put Tom’s bear and husband’s boots and my scarf wyth some jelly’s into his coffin before they stewed down thee lid I’d thought it would help him to thee after lyfe as we went to bury him it was so cold but we had to go as far as we could away from prying eyes as if we was all found out we would be murdered by little Jimmy’s army to be a Catholic in 1606 was worsen as thee days went by as father Henry Garnet said thee service as a couple of days before at ten am on Wednesday 10th January he gave Tom his last rights service as father garnet and Dr death and coffin and I saw his Coffin go and be lowered in to thee ground it was so sad as we threw a handful of earth as Christopher and Jack stood beside me and raised their swords to thee passion of Christ as I melt by his grave and saidy good bye and told him that how much is loved him and that father did to as thee wind howeld through thee land as we went on our way and as we went back and raised a goblet to our son as I thought no mother should have to bury their son before them as I wondered about my husband and would I ever see him again and what would I say to him about his son our son as Dr death and coffin said we have to go now Mrs Fawkes but we wyll look in on you tomorrow as I thanked them for coming as father garnet gave his service as I took thee wine and blood of Christ it was soon tyme for him to leave wyth thee home made brown bred I’d made then as my Jack and Christopher held each other as we sat by thee fyre as Jack put more logs on it as Christopher said you must eat but as I said not today not today maybe soon as I sipped my drink thee days went slowly passed and for me my world fell apart but I had to carry on it seemed all I had has been cruelly taken away I felt very betrayed but I had Jack and Christopher to comfort me through my hours of need end of parte two

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