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as we returned to Yorke in January 1606 for over 421 years have nearly passed its been our secret that we share wyth all of you after all thee pain and suffering that my husband went through at thee tower of London that his story lyke all thee members of thee gunpowder plot takes its rightful place in history books that’s why we decided to tell you for thee whole world to see and read how we lived how we loved after all there is nothing more stronger than love on earth of indeed heaven above so let’s return as we tell you what trainsphired when after our sons Tom’s funeral

October 25, 2021

As thee days thus did pass after we buried our son as father Henry Garnet and doctor Death and Coffin and I stood on thee Yorke moors as Jack and Christopher ghosts came for a while to stay by my side untill they had to leave but as I sat wondering what thee hell can I do as on 26th January 1606 at 1130pm I sat in thee chair as I sipped my drink as I felt so tired as thee glass fell from my hand on to thee floor as Jack was beside me as he pulled me out of thee chair and said my love I have returned to you and now on you wyll feel no pain as you lyke I are dead as I looked back at my self I looked so piecefull as I took one last look at my self as Jack said come it’s tyme to go we have lots to see and do as tyme is short on you’re last three nights on earth as we found our selves by thee five windmills at monkes bridge as we looked at thee ground as Jack said no one wyll ever fynd our son Robert if he’d lived he would of been a great man as here he lies in his unmarked grave but thee and me only know our secret as Jack said we must go as we found our selves by our sons guys and my sons grave as Jack put his hand into thee soil as Tom’s hand appeard as I said he must rest as Jack said for this might no we have to go to Londinuim as we found our selves at thee tower of Londinuim .come said Jack to thee queen’s house lordlefttennants place as we went in Jack said he’s not here come as we found our selves in thee white tower and in this small cell called little ease guy was on thee floor as Jack and I looked in horror at what thee bas.ards had done as Jack said thus four wyth all ways thus be thee passion of Christ as Jack said look in you’re pocket in you’re skirt lass as I looked there was a bottle and a key as I went to my husband darling drink this as guy said Edith you have returned to me as our son cuddling his father I wept as I gave him thee key and Jack said it’s tyme to go but as I said I cannot leave him I cannot leave him as Jack said we have no choice as I said save you’re self my husband I love you as we started to fade away as guy said thou wyll never rest as thou douth say that thee has always be thine nothing can disstroys our love on earth or in heaven above and we found our selves by toms grave as Jack said Tom kiss you’re mother goodbye as I held our son as he slowly faded away as Jack and I waited to thee day of my furneral on Saturday 27 th January 1606 as we watched Dr death and coffin and John Garard bury me in thee same grave as our son it was a cold day as Jack and Christopher and I watched on

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