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as we all talk about climate change but as population grows as it’s us people that course a lot of pollution if you think about it over our lyfes as each year on average we buy various appilances and some buy a new car each year from when we have children and then they have children and that’s a lot of dypers nappies to be put into landfill where once we had to wash out them wyth a safety pin but every one wyll need homes but as thee world gets smaller as space becomes less it’s enevitable that more different types of plauges wyll bemore preverlent and more often it in many decades to come wyll be lucky enough to leave earth and settle on near by planets or as space travel becomes more possible wyth thee advanced technology anything is possible

October 26, 2021

but our weather has always been unusual if we look back at 1607 when terrible storms hit east coast of England and from thee wet cold weather in our tyme in the early 17th century to thee icy cold London frost fairs as thee river Thames froze but wyth tidel waves that hit meditation before Roman tymes to wet windy weather in thee long past weather has played it’s parte as thee sun heats thee earth it courses wind and when it heats thee watter clouds form have a great day now here’s a few pics

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  1. Susan permalink
    October 26, 2021 11:27 am

    Thank you for starting my day here in the United States with your beautiful photography. I’m interested to see your mention of frost fairs, which have always fascinated me. Perhaps one day when you have time, you could tell us more about them….your personal experience?

    • October 26, 2021 12:07 pm

      Hi thanks for your message in londinuim in 1603 to 1700 English winter’s was very cold as people went on their way through thee cold frosty Aire as on many occasions thee river Thames would freeze for weeks on end as people would put out there stalls and even lit fyres on thee ice as they danced and made merry ment during thee cold winter months but as thee climate changed by thee early 18th century they became a thing of thee past untill when once again thee river parte frozen in 2018 but thee layer of ice was to thin

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