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so lets return to Saturday 27th January 1606 thee day of my furneral as father John Garard and Dr death and coffin after thee grave digger re dug thee grave of our son Tom on thee Yorkshire Moors as thee wind and thee rain blew and fell wyth snow showers it was biteing as they layed my Coffin in thee ground as father John said a few words as we Jack and I it seemed mighty strange to watch you’re own furneral as they said a few prayers and then the grave was covered over as they went on thee horse and carte as Jack said tyme to go as I said do you think my husband has saved him self by escaping as Jack said oh he wyll .

October 27, 2021

Wednesday January 31st 1606 we returned to thee tower of Londinuim as guy had escaped and was lieing on thee ground of thee white tower as at 930 am on a colde winter’s day it was raining as he was lead to Westminster hall along wyth Tom wintour and bates who was thee youngest of thee plot and Robert wintour along wyth sir Everard Digby and Tom Percy and Ambrose Rookwood thee hall was full as James 1st looking smug who sat behind a screen as thee judge read out thee statement of death as my husband and Tom and all thee others was lead away to thee scaffold as they lead my husband up thee scaffold I said to Jack I’m going to have to save him but Jack said if they find out you’re thee link between two worlds guys done everything to keep it safe we must be able to return to earth in thee future tyme do you understand my love now I must return thee to you’re coffin things must continue as they are sad and unjust as they may seem as I turned we was back at my grave side as Jack kissed me and said. Its tyme for me to leave you for now as I went into my Coffin then it was darkness at 1139 pm as I felt this hand pull me out of my grave as my husband said thee wyll never rest on earth or in heaven as thee and me belong to get her nothing is more stronger than love what we have thou douth not say for I proclaime on thus said day that thee Edith Fawkes wyll always be thine and nothing can or wyll disstroy our love as live is life and life is love as I looked at my self my husband said it’s tyme to leave this earth but we wyll return to tell our story

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