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so in our last true parte of our story that my husband Guido Fawkes kept his and our secret

October 28, 2021

so on thee 31st January 1606 we finally left earth and became sprits but we had still things to do and situations and people to haunt in a matter of speaking but we all of us watched what you got up to on earth from thee wars in England to thee world wars but on November 5th each year we returned to Yorke and was at thee bonfyre party’s after all how dissmayed we was to see guy at thee top of many bonfyre much to our disscust as we thought we wyll show them one day thee whole story but as my husband grew strength as our sports joined even more Jack and Christopher too but in February 9th 1961 in tyme at 731am thee envoy to earth and heaven asked us to go and see him as he explained that one of us meaning me wyll have to return to earth my job was to go and fynd thee others and report back once thee job was completed and even some interaction was allowed wyth flesh and blood men but would be stopped as it’s forbidden to have any sort of physical contact Guy and Jack would be on hand and unlike any one else that I would fully understand and remember who I am but it was decided that I would be left mainly to fend for my self so on thee 6th of November 1961 it should of been thee 5th November but a woman is always late and I didn’t want to clash wyth guy Fawkes day now did I so at 1201 am as my mother held her bonfyre party as wyth two clocked figures as on thee kitchen table I was born as Jack and my husband watched on and after I slipped off and ended up on thee kitchen floor in front of thee tricity contests 643 as I was wrapped in a blanket and as thee oven was thee safest place to put me as we was poor funny that I’m still poor no change there then .as my mother once said these two strange men wyth beards just appeard at my party and when you was born left but soon returned at my aunty’s house as they had a pram a big pink and yellow bear as she went to ask them they looked and said for thee babby and then went my mother said it spooked her then on Tuesday may 14th 1974 I had to get thee bus back from skool my step dad and mom was waiting wyth thee dog on thee other side of thee road as thee girls was making my life a total missery as thee bus pulled away as I shouted to them where they could go and don’t bother coming back as I went to cross thee road as this bus came from no where as I stood as it brushed my face as this hand pulled my back and said it’s not tyme lass when it is when I say so as thee bus speed quickly by as I stood there my mother and step father said why aren’t you dead and who was that man wyth tall hat and beard who was buy you’re side is he a teacher as I said summut and noubt .but then as I was walking by thee bonfres in Sunnyside road on November 5th 1983 as thee bonfyre was burning as it was late every one had gone I felt this cold hand touch mine as this arm held me it felt great

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