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as you know that on our TVs no station wyll be showing any programs about thee gun powder plotte of 1605 sadly today are TV sets only show lots of violence game shows even thee soaps now are violent thee ads are better and of course you hot whealer dealers wyth sexy Anothony Anstead but wyth dreary news but you have to admit it’s a bit bad that thee gun powder plotte won’t be shown isn’t it still lucky for you we went and made our own gunpowder plotte special isn’t it at least you see thee pics that was taken in 1605 so let’s return so what happened next you may ask you’re selves ? After a few years thus went by it wasn’t until 2005 as I was going on thee yellow circle line on thee Londinuim underground that thee tube train always stopped as it went very cold as thee lights flickerd

October 29, 2021

As i heard this voice calling Edith where are thee thoust must return to me at first I thought i must be some ones fone and as I went about filming in other areas of Londinuim as this voice said when thee knows this when us ye tyme is right and some tymes I would get off and go over to thee tower of London but as you know it’s a frightening looking building and I hate going anywhere for thee first tyme on one’s own .it was getting near to Christmas thee 9th of December 2014 a rich friend of mine Christopher was on his way to visit me at secpit towers in Bethnall green E2 as I thought now what can I buy him for Christmas so as I was cooking him some scram I thought now’s my chance I can kill two birds with one stone we can go to thee tower of London as he arrived at secpit towers and after a chat and after his dinner we set off to thee tower of London as we went to bethnall green tube and waited till it turned up and as thee train chugged its way to Liverpool Street station we got off and then cought thee circle line to tower hill as it sped off to tower hill station we got off and I brought thee tickets and we went inside after we was serched as we looked around thee tower I felt I’ve been here before as we went into thee bloody tower as I stood by thee table and there was this big pic wyth a olde gentleman on it every one else had gone out as I said to Chris take you take my pic as it went cold as this hand touched mine as Christopher shot out as this voice said at last my beloved wife you have returned to thee I’ve waited and waited since I saw you at thee bus stop remember as I said yes and by thee bonfyre in Braintree yes my husband as he put his arm around me and kissed me his lips was so colde as I looked once again into his powerful blue eyes as he held my wrist and showed me his wyth thee same mark on each when we joined our bloods in 1585

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