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as we all know that on Friday it’s 421 years since my husband tried to bloive up thee king little Jimmy’s lot beeing a Catholic in 1605 so much was barred to you you couldn’t be a doctor or hold any office of power it was total disscrimation so no wonder Robert Castesby thought enough is enough and who could blame him so let’s look back at olde Yorkshire’s past of thee plotte neet.

November 2, 2021

Come on lads !tha mun frame thissen.tha knaws it’s plotte terneet yon hurt big bonfyre roarin up ther’s nowt lyke plotte get Yorkshire cheer as after all thee progging and progging nay ever t’guys tha guest .ah m stalled of all t’ new fangled ways lyke .as lyke all customs best on plotte neet as thee and me gather lyke roound thee bonfyre wyth parking and hunger bred and plotte toffee lyke so please don’t put or burn my husband on you’re bonfyre toneet

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