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wyth all this talk of climate change when government should look back at our past and rebuild what happened before a lesson from history !

November 2, 2021

tha sits in there houses of parliament in there world of milk and honey yapping about things but they should bring back hydro power and windmills and watter mills better use of planet resources and use horses again on thee land now come on you guys stop yapping more action as we know spurs football club Tottenham sacked their manager why not ask king Harry Kane to do thee job he’d be good at it but do they take any notice of our messages to thee club lyke hell they do for me as a medium it’s a insult you give people sensible advice and then they don’t take no notice as for Halloween we met up wyth our world as it joined you’re 21st century tyme husband went to buy his ciggys and cursed as thee government has put them up by a £1 a packet of 20 hit thee smokers but champagne cheeper every thing is all for rich to have just likes it’s always been on earth we haven’t learnt nothing over thee centuries now have we

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