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from 1386 there has been thee occational frost fairs in londinuim over thee years and as we went back in 5th dementation of tyme in this extended scene deleted scene to 31st January 1605 bet tis be colde ready let’s go

November 3, 2021

as thee snowe and Jack frost painted Londinuim white as thee river Thames froze as Jack frost was nipping at you’re toes and nose brr that be so colde as Jack and my husband said let’s go on thee ice and have a dance as I said husband I can’t not swim and tis be to colde as at 745 am thee fogs was there wych made thee air smell smoky as Jack said come on I’ll save you as I said one quick dance and that’s all as we went from thee river bank to get on thee ice as Jack said hold on my lovid as we gyngerly danced along thee river other people watched as then my husband said I’ll take her now lad as we flouted on air wyth out a care as thee ice started to crack as my husband and I went back to thee river edge and got on to dry land as we felt it getting warmer and before long thee ships was bobbing along lyke they always did after we all passed into thee spirit world in 1607 and 1608 thee ice on thee river Thames was much thicker and lasted for many weeks in fact then you could light fyres on thee ice here’s us wyth a few others from 1605

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