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as you know that 2years ago I was sent to thee tower of London to tell thee story of guy and I as we went around thee tower wyth thee great gentle author who did thee interview for their blog spittle fields life as on that wet day back in October 2019 it was five years since I last went there two months earlier my husband and Jack and Christopher said we wyll be watching any trouble then we wyll act accordingly as my husband said you are thee only flesh and blood lynk that no one knew about as I told thee story about how my wrist scar would hurt like hell on Guys birthday 13th April and on November 2and 5th after all back in 1585 we made our lynks wyth husband and Jack so that our souls and bloods would join you could say it was husband’s insurance policy as even thou in 1606 we all become sprits but my husband knew that I would be thee one that would return to earth to collect what was myne and that my husband and Jack and Christopher would be come parte ghosts and that we could exist between two worlds wych we do

November 4, 2021

as i had my pics taken on that day as my husband and Jack and Christopher watched on after we went to thee white tower as I looked up I could see how my husband escape along thee top of it as back in January 1606 we went back to help my husband Jack and I remember ? After we finish filming as my leg was hurting as we went downe thee stairs my husband made sure that his presence was known by a crash from thee armery room wyth a crash and a bang I said to thee gentle author my husband has shown that he means business and that was enough filming then two years ago on spittle fields life blog some of thee story appeard but there was a lot of pics you haven’t seen yet that they took may be one day thee great gentle author may finesh thee story on their great blog

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