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remember remember thee 5th of November 1605 Gun powder plotte as this day should never be forgotten it’s 421 years since that fateful day in londinuim when my husband was cought and sent to thee tower of London so as it’s our 425 year anniversary to day let’s return to Londinuim 1605

November 5, 2021

this is Londinuim 5th of November 1605 and here we are where Robert Castesby lodgings where opposite thee houses of parliament where wyth Jack and Christopher and my husband they could quickly in a boat go across thee river Thames and as Thomas Percy had thee keys to thee vault he was renting could store thee barrels of gun powder in all 36 went there two my husband and Jack had to make their own gun powder wych two of thee components are charcoal and pee salt Peter as my husband said Jimmy took thee pee now we give ING him some back

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