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as we celebrated our 425 anniversary back in londinuim in 1605 and as it was was birthday on Saturday we stayed in that tyme for a last visit back as my husband said thaw can’t come back our story there is done did you know that in queen Elizabeth I tyme until 1603 that fireworks night was on November 17th it was for people to celebrate her and Engaland where thee Toffie nosed lot would put on elaborate fyre works dissplays to attract thee olde queen’s attention so that she would cost fyreworks was thee gerb and fyreworks on wheels on sticks about 7foot high wyth fyre dragon wych would breath fyre as it went along a long wire wyth it’s ass on fyre

November 9, 2021

some of these events would cost a kings ransom a few bucks wyth dancing and ale meed and wine to be had by one and all even thou no plotte programs on TV again about my husband and Jack TV should of marked thee occasion wyth a program don’t you think !? But at least we made you one of Londinuim and Yorke in 1605 talking of TV here’s our three but as my Jack is always saying That knaws my beloved Mrs Fawkes she tells our story telled it lyke from t’thread t’needle

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  1. Susan permalink
    November 10, 2021 2:29 pm

    “Smarmy.” What an neglected adjective , and such a useful one! I’m sure I’m not the first to sat you have a real way with words.

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