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so whats on TV screens this week ? Well on Thursday it’s wheeler dealers wyth that hot rod ant Anstead this miracle man who can make a automobile out of bits of metal and unlyke any automobile shows explains how he’s going to do it as you sit there trainsfixed by his hipnoctic voice and looks wow it’s my husband’s fav show its on quest at 9pm on Thursday then on Friday it’s Engaland v Albania when our king of football king Harry Kane shows these lads who’s thee daddy of football Eric Hun dire won’t be playing sadly but have you noticed that if you look at 1970s football reruns that footballers shorts was much more areo dynamic I know they have to let them long for keeping their trouser snakes free from dust and rust but you get don’t get thee extra balls shots wyth shorts so baggy don’t you think king Harry got a cute nose so football on Friday ITV from 7pm good luck king Harry Kane you’re simply amazing footballer

November 10, 2021

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