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tha knaws more about lyfe in 1605 than we ever knaws before thanks to us

November 10, 2021

even thou for us thee early 17th century tyme was tramatic but people was on hand to help in Yorkshire but even thou city lyfe was just thee same everyone knew each others business but passed not much judgement in thee main even thou my husband was mostly away fighting in Flanders untill he finally came back for good even a few short spells of leave from thee army wych made our lyfes and tyme even more important as lyke wyth Jack who when guy wasn’t around Jack would be on hand along wyth Christopher even thou commodities was expensive and sugar was thee most expensive came in a block at I crown a pound block vegetables was seasonal and not much in abundance and ale and meed was stable drink to have where watter was unsafe and dangerous so what of thee 21st century England Stafford shire wych we call thee windy wet county of hate they are a type of people that have this smarmy look but don’t be deceived they stab you in thee back and only after there selves here it’s I’m alright Jack in there land of milk and honey so what’s thee worst tyme of our lyfes living here all because of people’s lives and deceit

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