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thee ongoing problems wyth living in Stafford shire are is that they never see it from my point of view as they look down their long toffee nose lyke a anteater wyth eyes that are nearly white all over wyth their smarmy ways thee trouble is they lyke a cat attitude wyth to much what thee cat licks his jacksea wyth take for instance thee other day on my birthday before we went back to Londinuim 1605 thee housing association sent a letter saying thee rent hadn’t been payed when we arrived back I rang them up wyth thee prove that they was wrong all I got was their in a meeting as I asked a retoricall question lyke I trust that we wyll not get any more nasty letters when it’s you’re fault all they said was can’t garenity that as I said does beeing rude and dissrepectfull become natural to you or do you have to think about it and by thee way thanks for ruining my birthday they have this hateful attitude and very catty nature thee uttoxeter twilight zone right now

November 10, 2021
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