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a typical bad day in uttoxeter it’s all started this morning as it’s damp here we plugged thee convection heater in and thee thing wouldn’t work as it blew thee trip switch and yet there was a surge of power going through it as guy said as we tried to get thee plug out of thee socket as guy held on and got his recharge he has thee power so fully charged but after a while he fully appeard but worce was yet to come as we always leave thee door on thee chain as we sat watching wheeler dealers on TV all of a sudden this bloke burst in through thee door and thee chain fell off and said I need an ambulance now I was absolutely terrified as my husband stood behind me ready to see him off but this man wouldn’t leave so as thee police wasn’t about he said he was bleeding so thee ambulance service was called two tymes I had to call them as guy said you either leave or die as I tryed to defuse thee tence situation as this bloke tryed to force his way to guy so evenchally thee ambulance service called and took him away as my neighbor’s just stood there as per usual no help as guy pushed him out thee door but I was told this bloke has mental health issues what a situation I tell you this place is as bad as London

November 11, 2021
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