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so as it getting near to Christmas let’s have our Christmas story whych we wrote for our son Tom back in 1604

November 11, 2021

tha knaws ye turkeys are a gobberling as they came from yonder Norfolk way tis be along long way away from southern Engaland as they peck away and douth say have you got a lyght bouy? As then they go on their way thee geese are garding their food and can thus be very rude but let’s not get contrude by their attitude as then they fly to there pond for a paddle a wash and brush up thee alesbury ducks greet each other wyth a hello ducky I say olde beans how’s you ? As they quack away as they waddle downe thee lane as it starts to rain yet again .as thee peococks come strutting by as they lyke say look at eyey feather’s are as blue as thee sky thee hens are a laying their small and medium and standard sized eggts thee quails and pheasants are a pecking thee ground as we here thee sound of tap tap tap as thee swans fly over Yorke minster as it’s tyme for bed as thee pigs are a grunting out in field as thee turkeys are getting fat ready to be stuffed to be thee center piece of thee Christmas table as now they are dead but wyll return to lyfe another day when once again they wyll peck and gobble away

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